Buch und Bühne #2

Fans only? – „Anime Architecture – Imagined Worlds and Endless Megacities“

Got the chance to grab a copy of this awesome book. It’s a rich collection of drawings, sketches and research material from the iconic Japanese anime movies of the late 80’s and 90’s such as “Akira” or “Ghost in the Shell”. Movies that heavily influenced the following generations of production design when it comes to futuristic and dystopian city landscapes and lighting.

Even if you are not a big fan of the anime genre, the drawings do impress with stunning details, dense atmosphere and an almost opera-like style of playing with the scales of foreground and background. From huge tableaus to dark yet colorful streetviews, the variety of material found in this book can be a great source of inspiration to architects, stage designers and filmmakers alike. Stefan Riekeles, the dedicated mind behind this book and curator and producer of the exhibition by the same name, did a truly great job.

On the 4th of June ’22 his new exhibition “Akira – The Architecture Of Neo Tokyo” will open its doors at the Tchoban Foundation in Berlin. Make sure to pay a visit!


Anime Architecture – Imagined Worlds and Endless Megacities

by Stefan Riekeles, 256 pages, Thames & Hudson, 2020